Show & Tell

Ains had her first “show and tell” today. The theme was summer. She picked this instrument to take. I thought it was an interesting choice. Not my first choice, but I was determined to let it be her choice. I was listening to a sermon this week about how we as parents can use our words to manipulate our kids based on the verse about allowing our yes to be yes and our no to be no. So, in line with this I was determined to let it be her choice. Ainsley and I are different in a lot of ways, meaning she is just like her Daddy. Musically gifted with a love of song, she can make up songs in mid-tune. She found this rare gem at a garage sale last summer for 25 cents. She fell in love and we brought it home. Me, a minimalist at heart wanted nothing to do with this thing. (I don’t even have a name for it.) But my sweet little girl offered to pay her own money and I of course could not say no. So as the homework stated, we were suppose to practice what to say during her presentation to the class. Incidentally, I just heard that public speaking is the number one fear among the population only to be followed by death. Hmm? Anyways, I am a preparation freak! So I’m trying to help her with this speech. She is so much like Jesse, she tells me she doesn’t want to prepare, just wants to wing it. OK I am determined to let go and give her choices. As we are leaving the van she tells me she’s nervous for show and tell. So we pray and I am anxious to hear how it went when she gets home. With a little practice, I’m sure she will learn to love public speaking as much as her Daddy.

On another note, I noticed dirt marks on the top of Balin’s feet. Naturally from crawling but oh my I think I need to bathe that kid more frequently! He’s never had a real bath, only showers with us. Maybe this weekend we can introduce him to the tub?

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