Silenced [Book In Review]

Silenced is the 4th book by Dani Pettrey in the Alaskan Courage series. Each of the books stand alone and you do not need to read the first 3 to understand this book. I, in fact, had forgotten that I read her previous book, Shattered, and after reading the first chapter of this book realized the books were connected! All of her characters remain the same throughout the series, but it is a large family and she chooses to focus on 1 or 2 different characters in each book.
The plot in Silenced was suspenseful, and while searching for a killer, Kayden and Jake end up falling in love. The plot takes quite a hard right turn just when you think the culprit has been arrested. You will enjoy this book, but after reading 2 of the four in the series, I think they are getting a little bit predictable. Two characters falling in love while solving a mystery! I got it.

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