Sore Muscles?

Post Workout Relief

Deep Relief

Do you need some relief for sore muscles after a workout?

Peppermint, Wintergreen, Copaiba, Helichrysum, Dorado Azul, and other essential oils each play an integral role in this blend. The Deep Relief Roll-On has an invigorating and energizing scent, and offers a convenient method of application for forehead, temples, and neck anytime, anywhere it’s needed.

“I use Deep Relief on cramping muscles post workout.  Normally when I get a cramp, that set of muscles will be sore for days. Last night however, I had a cramp in my tricep, and after applying liberally, the cramping stopped.”

What are some other products I recommend for post workout recovery?

Ortho Sport Ortho Sport massage oil and Ningxia Nitro. The last one is my husband’s personal favorite. I also keep Nitro in my doula bag to keep me energized during a long birth. It tastes good and it keeps my appetite at bay.


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