Stretch n’ Grow

There’s a tag line that I use often on my blog posts, stretch and grow it says. It’s been a tag line in my life since high school. You see, I’m a girl who doesn’t like change. It’s not a hatred type feeling towards it, just an emotional temper tantrum if you will. A chill in my bones when I am forced to change. An uncertainty, uncomfortableness in new situations.

And my thoughts are constantly on the woman of the Bible named Sarah. As Abraham’s wife, she has the task of following him around the world. Um, no thanks. And yet, she handles every uncertainty with grace and I always wonder how she does it? She’s constantly moving, from city to city, following Abraham as he follows the LORD toward the promise land. I can hear her thoughts; how much further and can we settle here?               I believe she knew her true identity. Sarah knew herself to be the daughter of God.

It’s when our identity is wrapped up in things that will pass, yes, that’s where we fail. I’ve had identity crisis’ before. I’ve gone from collegiate athlete to Air Force wife to intern’s wife in a matter of two years. Ministry to insurance sales man’s wife. From working, educated woman to stay at home mom. Outside changes forcing inner strength. I think I’ve learned, if we build our identities around things that change, then in the sinking sands of life we will be lost. Our only hope in this is to cling to the One who never changes. At the end of the journey, there is a promise that we will surely rest with God. When we fix our eyes on Him, on the only One worthy of our gaze, He becomes our identity.

No longer am I a Colorado girl; that’s long past expired, and my love for other states like Georgia and Nebraska are competing. No longer am I that social worker who wants to change the world either. I have three little people who need me to shape their world. No longer am I that cell group leader or wife of a sales man hoping to fill her fridge with food. And I can’t even claim to be that Manager’s wife who lives in the big brick house just yet. But what I can say for certain is…

I’m with Jesus. I’m on His team. He makes me feel like I belong. I follow Him because He is the perfect leader and I really do trust him. My Creator calls me daughter and my Savior calls me beloved. My identity is with Him. Jesus. He is the chief cornerstone; the rock.

And so, as I maneuver my way through this new season of change, I can calm my anxious heart when I remember my true identity.

stretch and growThe rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house; yet it did not fall, because it had its foundation on the rock.” Mt 7:25

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