The Natural Family Planning Method

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Natural Family Planning

The Natural Family Planning Method

Natural Family PlanningThe Natural Family Planning method of birth control has been our first choice for the past 10 years of childbearing. Why?

  • hormone free
  • cost effective
  • flexible- the decision to prevent or plan a pregnancy can be changed instantly
  • foster’s communication between the couple
  • creates an awareness of the female’s natural cycle
  • adds an element of empowerment for individuals
  • long term effectiveness
  • no known side effects

What are some of the known side effects of taking synthetic estrogen often in the form of a Pill?

  • increased risk of breast cancer
  • increased risk of blood clotting
  • migraines
  • gallbladder disease
  • increased blood pressure
  • weight gain
  • mood changes
  • nausea
  • irregular bleeding or spotting
  • benign liver tumors
  • breast tenderness

These known and documented side effects are often subtle at first, but the more women I talk to, the more I hear about the dangers of using hormone therapy as a form of birth control. Before you put something in your body that you are unsure of, learn about all of the options available to you. If you have suffered the effects of synthetic birth control, I would love to talk to you as well. I offer birth control counseling for free. Please contact Deirdre at:

stretchngrow (at) yahoo (dot) com

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Chigger Bites?

QUICK TIP:  Do you get Chigger bites when you spend time outside in the summer?

My daughter recently came home from camp with 20-30 bites on her sweet little hiney. After reading through a few testimonials on, I let her choose which oil to use.  (I think it’s always important to go with the person’s instinct, but that’s the doula in me.)

So, we mixed 3 drops of Purification with 1 tablespoon of coconut oil and rubbed it on the skin overnight.


The next day, we went to church and I asked her if they were still itching. She said no! The Purification took care of those Chigger bites in one application. Now, the skin is still red and needs to heal, but I was impressed with this oil for this use. She hasn’t complained of itching since and that was a week ago. I don’t think it works this way for ALL insect bites, but for Chiggers, try Purification!

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Learning Value

The value of doula work is a highly debated topic among expecting mothers and doulas alike. How much should a doula charge? What’s a reasonable rate? Many, many blog articles have been written, eloquently breaking down the expenses that a doula incurs and how much her “bottom line” is. I agree with most of those opinions; doula work has value.

Just like any other industry in the modern United States, it is a bit of a supply and demand equation. More doulas flood the market and competition increases, but the beautiful thing about demand is that babies are always being born. There’s no stopping that train. The demand is really more specifically about the growing number of mother’s learning the value of doula work and desiring it for themselves.

As a doula, I value what I do. I hadn’t even heard the word doula until my 3rd pregnancy and I was so fresh into the midwifery care model that I was overwhelmed with all of the possibilities. I did have a doula approach me with her business card and I wish I would have explored the option further. As a doula, I realized my value this weekend…

Cecelia Jaine 004This weekend our dog became extremely sick. Fever, limping, loss of appetite, syringe feeding to keep him hydrated and two visits to the veterinarian. Both vets wanted to keep him overnight in intensive care. We declined because we couldn’t pay the $1200 emergency vet bill and opted to care for him ourselves. With round the clock care by all 5 family members, we managed to get him through the worst of it but by the end we were all exhausted.

Doulas talk about how we doula’d our child through the flu or how we doula’d our best friend through an emotional crisis. And it’s true, we use our skills on the people we love when they are hurting or in pain. It’s just what we do.

Last fall, we were getting our starter house spruced up to put the For Sale sign in the yard and I was oiling the old front door. All of a sudden, I had a ginormous splinter in my finger. I immediately ran outside yelling for my husband to come pull it out for me. It was large enough to grab with two fingers, but it was a stubborn thing and wasn’t budging. I was hysterical, mainly because fingers have so many little nerve endings. After a few screams my husband promptly looked me in the eye and told me I needed to CALM DOWN. That’s when I clicked into doula mode. I told myself to breathe and focus on relaxing. After he retrieved some pliers to pull the splinter out with, I had managed to calm down. We doula ourselves, we doula our loved ones; it’s just what comes naturally, but it’s actually a skill.

After being awake with our dog and nursing him back to health, I had this thought; “this is why they wanted to charge so much. It’s a lot of intense work.” And then I promptly realized I had doula’d my dog.

It was an epiphany for me.

Up until that point, I had never put enough monetary value on my skills as a doula. It’s easy for me, it’s what comes natural. I enjoy it. But after I compared it to the work that it took to nurse my dog in a very unpleasant, and long night, I realized not everyone has this skill. Other people pay money for overnight vet clinics. Companies pay extra money to their employees who work the night shifts. Being “on-call” also comes with it’s own extra raise. And working overtime or a longer shift than usual gets time and a half. Doula work is all of these things… every day… every birth. And it’s ok to place monetary value on these extras.

You can work a job that you love and get paid for it. I have realized for me, it’s being a doula.


How much should a doula charge?