Compatibility With Your Doula

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Compatibility With Your Doula

Having a relationship built with trust and open communication is vital between doula and client. I don’t think I need to say this twice; your doula is going to see you naked! 

If that’s not enough motivation for you, I don’t know what is. So what other compatibility issues should you consider when choosing a doula?

  • Does she listen to you? And more importantly, do you feel heard?
  • Does the conversation flow easily? Do you have random things in common? Having interests outside of giving birth is a good foundation to build on. Also, it makes for easy conversation and distraction during labor.
  • Do you have similar spiritual views? Now, we know that you won’t agree on everything, but do you feel comfortable enough around her to invite her to your church or place of worship?


Birth is often a total person event; meaning, it involves both body, mind and soul. You want to feel like you click with your doula.

You want to trust her, not only her skills and competencies, but her heart.

She should have your best interest in mind.

She should keep your birth story confidential.

She should respect your birth choices and not push you in a certain direction.


As your doula, I pledge to do just that. And if you don’t feel like you click with your doula, let me encourage you to interview a few more. Usually, first consultations are free. Remember, this person will be with you most likely throughout your entire birth. You want to feel comfortable!


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Labor and Delivery [5 min. Friday]

A birth quote for you! When thinking about labor and delivery, think on this…

“The family is born in the delivery room.”  -Johnny Lind, M.D.

Labor and DeliveryHere I am, days before my daughter was born; days before my family was born. As I look back on my growing family, this quote remains so true. God talks about marriage and the union of the husband and wife as two becoming one. They are of one flesh and one body. Marriage is a holy union in which I highly respect, but it’s in the delivery room that the family is born.