Terrific Two’s Tip

Sometimes the developmental stage of a child at the age of two is coined the “Terrible Two’s.” I prefer to call it the Terrific Two’s, let’s speak life over our babies.
My tip for today to tackle the Terrific Two year old stage is to store your toaster on top of your refrigerator. Usually there is a free outlet behind the fridge and with an extension cord you can actually use the toaster while it’s on top of the fridge so that while it’s hot, your toddler can stay safe. 
The fridge in our house has gained a reputation as the only place to store valuable items in an effort to keep them away from my 2 year old. It is literally the only place he cannot climb up to, to reach these precious commodities. We store our iphones, wallets, keys, toaster & laptop up there because they stay safe. My older kids have also caught onto this trend and occasionally ask us if we can put their precious toy for the day on top of the fridge to keep it safe. He cracked our new tv screen last month, so you can imagine the type of destruction we have endured.
In an effort to keep my 2 year old safe, I keep my toaster on the fridge so that he cannot play with it and consequently burn his little fingers.
 As we go to great lengths to protect our terrific two year olds, we must remember that, this too shall pass!

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  • Discipline, in a nutshell, is giving your children the tools to succeed in life, and this begins by enjoying those terrific twos.

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