The Day We Were Peniless

Officially one year has passed since “the day we were peniless” aka, August 12, 2009.


Am I relieved, yes, but mostly thankful because God brought us through it. As a tribute to Him, I wanted to share this post. “The day we were peniless” has come to mind this week especially because I just talked to a family who is currently jobless and my heart went out to them. We were there, exactly a year ago. Let me explain what “peniless” actually meant for us.


1. Selling insurance for 100% commission was not going so well. We had no definite paycheck coming to look forward to.

2. Our credit card was maxed out. We could no longer buy groceries or gas.

3. Our refridgerator was very vacant and we had minimal canned goods on the shelf.

4. Our checking account balance was $1.67

5. The van’s gas light was on “E” empty

6. Ainsley was starting school and we did not have enough money to pay for her school lunch. ($2.05) We dug out change from the fishing jar and our cars to pay for one lunch and then applied for the free lunch program.

7. We were 2 college graduates with student loans and no way to pay for all of that worldy wisdom we had acquired.


Why does this week remind me of “the day we were peniless”? Because yesterday I was able to put $20.00 into Anisley’s lunch account. I was so thankful for that moment. It’s been a long road since the day we were peniless, but I thank God for it because we have had a major shift in our thoughts, attitudes and contentment of the heart.


One year ago I wrote this in my journal and I can still agree in my heart,

“All of my life you’ve been faithful- my Savior, my King and my friend. All of my life I will lay down to love you with all that I am. Help my heart, mind and soul to be satisfied in you. Come be glorified in me.”

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