The First Day

Well the day is over and my thoughts are still swimming. There were definitely highs and lows to the day and I can safely describe myself as ooshy, gooshy, sentimental.

The day started out as any normal morning. About 20 min. before we needed to leave Balin dropped a bomb in his diaper, OF COURSE. It’s all over his feet, out the side of his shorts, everywhere and I’m thinking, this is what would happen on the first day of Kindergarten. Jesse accompanies us today as we drive to school. Ainsley’s biggest concern was not remembering her lunch ID and not typing into the pin pad correctly. My biggest fear is not being able to walk out of the school calmly. As we found her classroom, took pictures and said our goodbyes my eyes were wet.

Jesse and I were in the same boat. We went home and processed all of the feelings. This is the beginning of the end. This is the first step to independence and letting go and college and we really do only have a few short years to live in the same house with them. AAAAHHH! I walked Ashden to the door of his preschool class and he wanted to hold my hand, but I bravely made him stay in line because I knew it was a good transition to the big goodbye.

Balin and I ate our Boo-Hoo breakfast that has been planned for the past 5 years it seems with a good friend. It just happened to be her birthday, but we were so focused on our first-borns in Kindergarten that the topic of her birthday seemed distant. We were definitely boo-hooing our way through breakfast. She would say something and I would cry and vise versa. It makes the process easier when you go through it with a good friend. As the day wears on I finally get to pick up Ash. I’m so excited to see him and he seems like his own little person all of a sudden. He loved his class and his lunch and the only time he needed to “breathe” was while he was trying to master the monkey bars.

Ainsley of course had mixed feelings. Don’t we all as girls? She accidentally chose the wrong lunch! She thought she was getting pizza and got a PBJ instead- she majorly dislikes PBJ. Ahhhhh- her lunch fears kinda came true. She also said she didn’t really like school because she missed her family. Oh rip my heart out. I told her I missed her just as much as she missed me. She also felt like she lost the most important race ever- you know- the race when the teacher blows the whistle and recess is over and everyone races to line up. According to her, all the kids were faster and she majorly hates to loose a competition. But she really liked her teacher and described her as “funny and bossy” and then went on to make facial gestures of what her teacher looks like. We all laughed. Another little girl in her class told Ainsley her hair was pretty, but she would have rather been complemented on her shirt. Oh my. I’m gonna miss that girl tomorrow and I am still nervous about lunch and all of the quirks working out.

It was a good first day. I survived and so did my sweet little babies that grew into mature little line leaders. They both happened to be chosen as line leaders today.

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