The “How” of Aromatherapy

Why do essential oils work and how do they work? I think this is the most common question for new users. It felt like I was buying a bunch of bologna when I first heard about aromatherapy. It’s hundreds of years old, but I didn’t really believe in it until I understood the science behind it. I’m a facts girl though, can you blame me?

Just like a drug user will snort their toxic substance of choice for a quick high, smelling essential oils will deliver the molecules of the oil into the body. The membranes in the nose are very thin, and the oil molecules are very small, making them easily absorbed into the blood stream.

2133231Once the oils are in the blood stream, they can begin to reprogram your cells by cleaning the receptor sites on the cell directly. These oils are called Phenols for short. Other oils, called Monoterpenes can reprogram the mis-written DNA codes in the cells. THe last job that some oils have are to rewrite the DNA so that they function the way God intended from the beginning. It’s really fascinating the science behind these little guys! An oil will only restore the body back to the factory settings, it will not “change” the function of the cell.

The other fascinating fact is that they are able to cross the blood brain barrier.
This is the reason why essential oils can be used effectively in cases of Autism and ADHD. Unlike pharmaceuticals, they go the extra mile so to speak, so smell away!

*A big thank you to Dolf Cheng for his free, beautiful images used in this post.

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