The Mark of the King [Book In Review]

This book never slows down! With each chapter, there are twists and turns; surprises and mystery. I never found myself hurrying through a chapter because it was boring. As a doula, I love to read about how Midwives operated in the early centuries. This book intrigued me from the start because of that detail alone, but the setting of a women’s jail was far different than any other fiction midwifery book I’ve read. I found the change pleasantly refreshing, as some midwifery characters seem to be identical in lifestyles and character habits.

This book is based on historical events that laid the foundation for the modern New Orleans in Luisiana. Being populated by France with slaves, convicts and outcasts, the reader gets a glimpse of what it would have been like to try and colonize the regions of the deep south in America. I highly recommend this book and was given a copy in exchange for this review.

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