The Midwife’s Tale [Book In Review]

The Midwife’s Tale was a fascinating historical account of how a midwife would have practiced. The author did a LOT of research into non medical remedies and herbal concoctions that may have been used during this historical time period. I was fascinated by the medical and midwifery parts of this book. That being said, I was slightly disappointed that there was only a few babies born during the entire book. I expected more midwifery and less content surrounding the main character’s life. As a doula, I would have liked to have seen more births.

The other events surrounding the main character’s life were interesting and the book kept my attention. It was evident that the author captured the true heart of a midwife in showing her generosity and compassion for the townspeople. The book’s ending left me hanging. There wasn’t the neat closure that most books have, which is probably more like real life in a way, but it would have been nice to have some finality. but, it is only book number one is the series so that author may have done that on purpose. The book did end on a high note with hope and celebration, so for that, I give it 3 stars.

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