The most effetive fire drill ever [5 min. Friday]

When I first started this blog, I intended it to be a digital scrapbook of sorts for my kids. Anticipating that my brain would not hold 100% accurate memories, I hoped that this would be a place for them to refer to as they began their own adventures of growing up and raising kids. Now, I am kinda starting to think I was romanticizing that. It could very well be that embarrassing scrapbook no one wants to show people, but inevitably gets pulled out for the obligatory wedding video. I guess we’ll see how that cookie crumbles.

It was a regular Friday morning at the Hopkins household and everyone was trying to get ready for their respective jobs for the day. My husband has been on this kick of hash browns and eggs for breakfast lately. He’s the type of personality that finds something to like, obsesses for awhile, and then drops it without warning. It used to be oatmeal.

So, we had run out of all cooking grease. I was due to go grocery shopping and we simply did not have anything to cook the hash browns in except coconut oil. I introduced our family to coconut oil a few years ago for it’s health benefits, and I love it, but it’s simply not a good oil to try and fry or brown things in. Low burn temp. As he’s patiently cooking hash browns for the entire family, all of a sudden the fire alarms go off. It should have been an obvious cause and effect for me, but it was not and all of a sudden I start rushing around trying to turn off the noise that almost made me eyes hurt it was so loud. Now, because I knew it was a fire alarm, and not a real fire, I was not overly concerned for the welfare of my children, but all of a sudden I see them crawling out of the hallway on their hands and knees! Ainsley is directing the group, and yelling at Balin to “GET DOWN”, while Ashden is frantically  crawling as fast as his legs will go. Balin is still on his feet, following them with the most confused look on his face, and somehow Jesse is thinking this is a toy that needs to be turned off and never aloud to have batteries again.

After I dismantle the eye piercing noise, it dawns on me that my children are crawling on their hands and knees, preforming the most effective fire drill protocol I have ever seen! Except for Balin of course, who has not been trained by the very competent public schools in this area yet. I can’t keep the smirk off of my face.

When I asked them what on Earth they were doing, Ainsley was still in a panic, thinking the fire was real. “I told Balin to get down but he wasn’t listening,” she says. “Yea, we’re supposed to crawl on our hands and knees out of the house,” Ashden adds. And in that moment I could not be more proud of my kids. They have learned the procedure and executed it to perfection without prompting. Their teachers would be so proud! It does actually sink in! Fire drills work. As I reassure them that the alarms were only going off because of burned coconut oil, they still seemed hesitant to fully believe me.

As we get in the van to leave for school, the automatic doors decide to stop working, which happens to cause this annoying beeping noise while the van is in (D)drive. Nothing I try to do is fixing the noise so we drive to school with the annoying beeping noise. It’s a miracle they were on time for school and once I arrived back home, silence had never sounded so good.




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