Thieves Oil

11951289_10153526332698232_5695957047608014533_nHow Do I Use My Oils?



My two boys give me ample opportunities to try them out. The week before school started, my youngest was wrestling with our 12 week old puppy. Sharp puppy teeth skimmed his ear and left a gash that needed to be glued together by our Pediatrician. His Pediatrician prescribed “preventative” antibiotics because dogs have germs in their mouths. I took the prescription and decided to fill it at the first sign of infection. I used my Thieves oil as “preventative” medicine to fight off doggy germs. Would be have gotten an infection? We will never know, but I saved his intestinal flora this time and his ear is 100% healed. No infection occurred. The scar is minimal and I am one happy mommy. Thieves oil works!


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