This Little Light of Mine

As Thanksgiving approaches I’ve been purposefully thinking about the things I’m thankful for. It might be a little bit motivated by all of the facebook posts, but let’s be real here- we are supposed to think on things that are lovely, noble and pure right?

I’m thankful that my children’s principal and office staff at their public school who know their names and genuinely care about them. 

Yesterday I was in the office checking my son in late for the school day because of a Dr’s appointment. The nurse came up to me and congratulated me for having two “WOW note” winners in the same family in the same week. (The WOW note winner program at their school rewards good behavior with public recognition and small prizes.)

 She said there had never been two kids from the same family win all in the same week. I was kind of caught off guard and just kind of stood there and said, wow!
Is that really all I could think to say? 
 I give myself a little bit of grace here because I am a slow processor. My brain just takes more time than others to process and respond. So finally, this morning I have processed and calculated a response. What I really want to say to the nurse is Praise the Lord. 
I mean seriously, what I wish I would have done is given the credit to God. Somehow said something witty, or thoughtful to bring Him the praise for my children’s good behavior.   Really I have no place to take credit, nor do I want to. It’s the Jesus who lives inside of my kids’ hearts that makes them different… Jesus’ character, the Holy Spirit’s guidance, God’s love that changes them from the inside out. So as I catch up on all of my processing, I selfishly use this blog to finish the conversation I had with the Nurse yesterday. One of the favorite songs being cranked on our radio at home lately is 
We Are by Kari Jobe.

“So wake up sleeper lift your head, for we were meant for more than this.
We are the light of the world. We are a city on a hill.”

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