‘Tis Better To Give…

These are the words that come from a second grader’s heart today, as she talks with her friends at school. “It’s better to give, than to receive,” she says. A sweet peer looks over at her, with an attentive look and asks, “what does receive mean?” The bold second grader simply says, ” it’s when you get something.” Pure words spoken in truth today.

As we talk about the days events, she shares this conversation with me and I pause for the moment feels heavy. I feel privileged that she wants to share, and joyful that she’s speaking truth in a dark world.

It’s a world that’s become a little darker in the past few days. An elementary school, the recent target of evil. And just when I thought I had seen the depths of the darkness, evil surprises me once more and reaches even deeper.Compassion is love in action. It’s the focus of this Advent season. God sent his one and only Son, as love in action. His compassion, His lovingkindness has no end. It’s the reason for the hope at Christmas time.

It seems my daughter and I are reading from the same page today. As I hand out food, clothing and Christmas presents at Safe Harbor, God blesses my heart in the details.

I see her, with her thick accent and head scarf, as she picks up the gift I brought. She opens it, and a wide smile emerges. It’s a frying pan and she couldn’t be happier. She exclaims, “and it’s even brand new, what a great day!” As she’s readying to leave, her beautifully thankful heart is illuminated. And in that moment, I understand that it really is better to give, than to receive because somehow, the Master Surgeon has transplanted her joy of opening a new frying pan, into my heart. And for that, I’m thankful.

At the dinner table, my second grader asks me if the people liked the pots and pans, and I feel all of that joy anew. I think of the woman with the thick accent and the head scarf and I smile. I feel the holy Spirit steering the conversation.

  Jesus said, “There is more happiness in giving than in receiving. ” Acts 20:35                            I marvel at this truth. From one simple truth to love in action; I’ve seen a complete circle today.


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