Client Testimonials

testimonial Tulsa doula“My husband and I highly recommend using Dierdre Hopkins for your birth doula.  We did not initially hire Dierdre for our doula but she ended up coming to the hospital to help with our daughter’s birth.

My water broke at 2pm and since I was Group B Strep positive I had to go the hospital right away. Strong contractions started around 7pm and the doula that we hired came to the hospital around 11pm. I continued to labor throughout the night and my doula had to leave the next day for a class that she was teaching. Dierdre showed up to continue to help me through my labor while my doula was away.

She was such a great support for me and my husband. Although, I don’t remember a lot of specifics because I had been in labor for so long I know that I felt great comfort in knowing that she was there. She helped me get into necessary positions to help my labor progress and showed my husband how to help provide me some relief throughout my contractions. She had such positive energy and helped me feel less desperate as my labor somewhat stalled.

I had really wanted a natural childbirth with no interventions and Dierdre really supported my wishes and she did all she could to try to help my labor progress with acupressure points, specific positions, etc. My doctor became concerned that I couldn’t seem to dilate past 8 cm and it had been 24 hours since mywater broke. I decided to allow them to give me Pitocin so that I could fully dilate.

After a couple of hours on Pitocin and 21 hours of heavy contractions I was too exhausted to handle the contractions anymore and I elected to have an epidural. Initially I felt like I was letting myself and my baby down but Dierdre fully supportedmy decision and let me know that it was okay to have my birth plan change. I was able to rest for an hour after the epidural and my cervix fully dilated! One hour later my daughter was born! I did not need to have a c-section which was my main reason for not wanting interventions. My daughter was born vaginally and Dierdre stayed and helped me push even after my doula came back from her class to help.  Although I had a very long labor and it did not happen the way I had planned I still would not change it. I believe it happened just the way it was supposed to and in the end I was able to safely give birth to my beautiful daughter. I do not think I could have done it without the help from my doulas. If we ever have another child I would love to have Dierdre as my doula again.”  -Tulsa Mom

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