What Does A Birth Doula Cost?

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Modern Package

Prenatal Support

  • 1-2 prenatal visits to discuss your education options, coping styles, labor positions and birth plan.
  • Phone support via phone calls, emails and texts.
  • Free use of TENS unit (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) with Doctor approval and signed waiver
  • Optional use of essential oils with Doctor or Midwife approval

On the Big Day

  • On-call labor support for the 2 weeks surrounding your due date.
  • Early labor phone or text support.
  • Continuous physical and emotional labor support provided in your home, birth center or hospital from the time you request me, throughout your entire labor, and 1 hour postpartum.
  • Initial breast feeding assistance.
  • Birth timeline upon request.
  • Back-up doula in the event I am unavailable.

1 Postpartum Visit -at your home

what does a birth doula cost?
Back labor & counter pressure. Posted with permission. c. 2013






Postpartum Services

As an addition to my labor and support services, some clients choose to add on extra postpartum support. These services can be as extensive and specific as you need them to be. If you are interested in hiring me for postpartum support, the fee is an additional $25/hour.


Birth Basics Package

As with motherhood, sometimes deciding on a doula is a last minute decision due to finances and other factors out of your control. Birth doulas do not have to cost a mortgage payment. If you are in need of a doula, and would like to hire me only for the day of labor, this is your package. This package does not include prenatal or postpartum support. You will still receive the same quality of care and I will block out the 2 weeks surrounding your due date to be on-call.

2 thoughts on “What Does A Birth Doula Cost?”

    • I charge $550 dollars for a birth. That includes two prenatal visits and one postpartum visit to your home. I am only accepting clients with due dates in the summer months right now because I am also a SpEd teacher in the public school during the school year. When is your due date Stephanie?

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