Tulsa Childbirth Classes

As a member of the church, Deirdre has teamed up with local doulas to host a Christ centered childbirth class. These classes will be held quarterly. Registration is open to anyone and the fee ($75) for the class is to be paid the day of the class. This will include a catered lunch and a class workbook. To register, please email Deirdre at stretchngrow@yahoo.com


Upcoming Classes

September 19, 2015  Childbirth Class

November 1, 2015  “The Fourth Trimester” (This class is free to anyone who participates in the childbirth class.)

January 23, 2016    Childbirth Class


Hosted By

The Doula-laThe Doula-la

Heather McCulloh, CD(DONA)





Doula for Birth

Amy Emerson, CD(DONA)







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