Turn the Tables + A Giveaway

I’ve been blogging for approximately two years now, mainly in the dark confines of my personal home office with zero readers except the occasional visit from my husband because he loves me that much. All until recently, when I met with a friend who encouraged me to let myself be read. I mean honestly, is that not the most terrifying thing a writer can do, is hit publish and hope someone likes what is there? And if that’s not enough sweaty palms for one day, is it not equally as terrifying to hit the share button to put yourself onto the world’s largest social networks. I mean really, I’m just a girl with a couple of opinions.

So I thought it would be fun to turn the tables for a post. I would like to hear from YOU. I don’t receive very many comments on my posts and I would love to hear your opinions. For some incentive, I’d love to mail you a package of slightly used books. Remember, reduce, reuse, recycle- slightly used, don’t judge me. I will chose a random winner from the comments listed a the bottom of this post. So here’s what I’d like to know:

Which posts do you find most interesting? DIY, Our Story, Books In Review, Freebies, Parenting, Charities ect.

If I were to post daily, would you read daily? In other words, is this an occasional blog to visit for you? Do you visit and find there is no new content?

What topics would you like to see covered that are not currently addressed? The sky’s the limit here, but I do need to have some kind of understanding in order to post.

How’s the tone of this blog in your opinion? Do you find the posts encouraging, guilt laden, conspiracy therorist-like, too serious, un-researched, or inspiring?

Again, I will randomly choose a winner on Friday. Please be gentle with your responses as it is difficult for anyone to hear an invited review of their published content. Thank you readers, it still honestly surprises me that I have anyone interested in reading at all.


2 thoughts on “Turn the Tables + A Giveaway”

  • D, I have to say that I love your blogs about your life and what amazing miracles and blessings God has given you and is giving you. My favorite blog of yours is your testimony of your healing, it really touched my heart! Now, I admit that I pretty much only read your blogs when they’ve been posted on Facebook. That is pretty much because I am new at reading blogs and I don’t know what I’m doing. I am so very curious about what you are discovering about raw cow’s milk. I am seriously considering introducing it to my family but I am curious about your reasons for doing it for your family. As I said, I really enjoy reading your blogs. I find them to be very encouraging, uplifting and inspiring. I look forward to what you’ll post next!

    • Thanks Amy! I really appreciate your encouragement. Thanks for all of your feedback, and I will write soon on my raw milk beliefs. My stat counter says that people are reading but my self counciousness cannot figure out why they keep coming back so I thought I’d ask! And guess what, you’re the lucky winner! (wink, wink) I will get those books to you soon. Love you girl, D

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