Vanity Makeover

The Before
A typical, builder’s grade vanity straight out of the box.
The Supplies
Interior/Exterior Primer, Paint, Polyurethane, tack cloth, roller, brush, fine sand paper, 
liquid sander/deglosser

  The Process
  • First I removed all of the doors and drawers. I found it easier to work with the unit base first and then the moving parts next. 
  • Using the liquid sander/deglosser, I generously rubbed every surface with a soft cloth to remove the shiny outer coat. 
  • Next I painted the primer onto the surface.
  • Using the fine sand paper I lightly sanded the entire surface and then wiped it down with the tack cloth. 
  • Finally ready to paint! (My FAVE) I chose a color by Benjamin Moore called Gettysburg grey.

After it had dried for 24 hours, I covered the entire surface with a coat of poly. This was to protect it from the toothpaste drips and to give it a little shine.

 I’m really happy with the result. To be honest I am tackling a kitchen makeover and wanted to experiment on this little vanity before I took on the more mature and intimidating kitchen island.

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