Weight Loss in the New Year

weight loss systemWeight Loss in the New Year

The month of January undoubtedly brings New Year’s Resolutions which include getting healthier. Fad diets abound and gym memberships are started. It’s the time of motivation.

If you know me well, you know that my theory on weight loss can be summed up by the phrase, “eat fat to lose fat.” It’s a real food theory that essentially believes the body actually needs good fats, (avocados, olive oil, coconut oil, grass fed butter) to operate and maintain normal functions. If the body is deprived of real fats, then all kinds of systems are thrown out of whack and loosing weight becomes last on your body’s list of priorities as it’s trying to fix a multitude of other issues spurned on by the non-fat dieting.

When given the choice, I always choose whole fat foods. Your brain needs fat and your endocrine system (think hormones) need good sources of cholesterol to function. Hormones play an integral part in weight management for women as we age. Children especially need healthy fats for their developing brains. So when I talk about weight loss, I always have to give the caveat of, “keep eating, and choose healthy sources of fat.” Your body will thank you.

Young Living does off a weight management system called Slique. There is a meal replacement shake, tea, protein bars, gum, dietary fiber and essential oils all included in the Slique line. The fiber is for creating a healthy digestive system, which is a must when we discuss weight loss. Your gut needs to be eliminating frequently to absorb the nutrients you are feeding yourself. It also helps to eliminate cravings for sugar and salt when it’s all working properly.

The essential oils that are embedded into these products are what makes this product line different than the rest. healthy weight Loss

In the coming year, if you have any health related goals, I hope you will consider adding more healthy fats into the diet.

#mystory As I’ve tried making lasting changes to my diet over the years I’ve learned a few key components. First, real change comes slowly. Don’t pressure yourself into unrealistic expectations because guilt will follow. Pick one thing to focus on. The first thing I chose to do 6 years ago was eliminate soda. After months of resisting the temptation, I added another baby step.

Second, adding foods to your diet is easier than subtracting them. People make the mistake of getting rid of things first. In reality, your body is crying out for MORE nutrition! More vitamins, more minerals, more fats. Adding new foods alongside some of your “normal” ones will produce lasting change because as you nourish your body, you will crave the unhealthy foods less and less. Add in the vegetables and after that becomes normal, you will have more energy and more drive to eliminate unhealthy snacks.

Third, get enough sleep. This is critical to weight loss and making healthy changes in general. When we are tired, we crave the fast fixes like caffeine and sugar to help with energy. Lack of sleep will be your ultimate enemy when making lasting change.

Know this- in the month of January, I am transitioning and making changes alongside you. Don’t expect everything to go smoothly and give yourself grace. Change always leads to growth -so stretch and grow!

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