Welcome Home, Hopkins Family!

Three weeks ago, we closed on our very own house! This is the second time we’ve ventured into this process of mortgages and commitment, and even though it’s a huge debt, I have an abundant amount of peace this time around. It feels like a gift from Jesus, straight from his heart. Have you ever just been blown away by how He loves you? Here’s the story behind the bricks….photo 2

For 2 years I’ve been admiring this house, or maybe more specifically it’s twin. For the past 2 years we have been in limbo; moving to a new city with our three kids and renting until we had more direction for our future. I can’t even remember how many conversations Jesse and I have had about moving. Where do we want to live? What do we ultimately want for our kids? What are the consequences of being nomads?

It was exhausting, but it was a good lesson in learning to live in the moment.

Living with intention, being wholeheartedly content with the limbo was a challenge and I had my days, but we’re all human. I had thoughts that we were going to stay in limbo forever, forgotten by God, without vision. I even scanned for an oil called Into the Future. The zyto never lies! But in the midst of it all, I had to believe God had it under control. He hadn’t forgotten us and I had to praise Him in the middle of it all. If He can move mountains, He’s totally got this.

About 2 months ago, we came to a cross roads and had to make a decision. Stay or go. For various reasons, we decided to stay. We have to believe that there’s no wrong decision when Jesus walks by our side. He’s there and He will guide us faithfully. We can trust His leadership because it’s perfect.

So for 2 years I had been investing into my relationships; meeting neighbors, beginning to trust people, integrating myself into community. I had been in my neighbor’s house a few times and fell in love with it. Prefect floor plan, gorgeous floors. And every house I toured with our relator I compared to my neighbor’s. The problem was I didn’t find anything comparable. My neighbor and I had a deal; if she happened to move, I would buy it, but we both knew that was a long shot. Or so I thought…  In our neighborhood there are lots of similar floor plans, trust me, I think I’ve looked at every single one. But there was only 1 house that looked similar to my neighbor’s. As we were nearing the end of our lease, I secretly contemplated knocking on the door to the twin mystery house and asking if they would consider selling. I did feel a bit crazy and talked myself out of it.

No less than 3 weeks later, the mystery house had a Coming Soon sign in front of it. I almost screamed when I noticed it, but decided to be patient because they obviously weren’t ready for showings. That weekend I was talking to my neighbor about it and she said, “yea, that’s the twin house.” That WHAT?!?

Two twin sister’s built twin houses, seven years ago. TWIN houses; like same flooring, same cabinetry, same paint colors. TWIN HOUSES. The house I had been coveting admiring for the past two years was finally for sale! I could hardly believe it. She encouraged us to knock on the door because she knew the owners as she had bought the other twins’ house via For Sale By Owner. The very next day, we walked over to the house and knocked on the door, mentioning the sign and asking for initial information. We found out that the owners were very sweet people who also happen to go to our church. An insta-friendship developed and we ended up buying the house via For Sale By Owner.

Two identical twins, building identical houses, selling them in identical ways. Wow!         And can I just tell you, this has been the easiest, most pain free process I have ever been apart of? Almost as if God had been preparing my heart for two years for this, and the sellers have expressed the exact same thing. Even agreeing on a purchase price has been simple. No back and forth negotiating, no stress, no worry. Thank you Jesus.

Over a decade ago, I remember a conversation Jesse and I had with Pastor Mark. We were talking through the verse in Psalms 34:7. “Delight yourself in the LORD and He will give you the desires of your heart.”   His question to us was, does God give us our random desires when we delight in Him, or does He plant those desires in our hearts when we delight in Him already knowing they will come to pass? It’s an interesting idea to grasp.photo 3

Either way, we feel planted, home and at peace. I don’t know what the future will bring, but I do know who is in control of it and I trust Him. I’m learning to grow where I’m planted.

Welcome home Hopkins family!


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