Dear Me,

Dear Deirdre,

It’s me, your favorite person here, writing to let you know that it’s ok to love your body. There will be comments, a whole slew of comments from others about it, but just take my advice- ignore them. Some will whisper the words behind your back and others will ask, “Do you eat!”  There will be people who feel the freedom to judge, to laugh, to envy, to stare, but please remember as you grow that it’s not your fault. There is a double standard in our society and you’re on the loosing side. To comment about a person’s body may be rude if they are overweight, but perfectly acceptable if they are thin.                            Some will say too thin, others will say too tall.

sweet sixteen

Your body, that one that you’ve not known how or what to feel about, is to be a gift from God. You see, in the future, it will be used to play this sport called volleyball. You’ll discover it in 8th grade, wishing you had known about it sooner. You’ll exert your calf muscles to jump so high that at times it will feel like your hanging in the air, and you’ll love it. So don’t fret now about those calves dear, they are larger than the average girls’ but they are a gift. And those shoulders that stick out, all bony like, and the arms that feel as if you will never find a shirt long enough to fit them will also be a tool. You’ll see God’s plan soon enough. You will earn a scholarship to play in college while the Lord courts your heart high on that mountaintop. You’ll find a place of peace and rest and it will all make sense when you are older.

So right now, instead of wishing to be shorter, less lanky, more normal looking- give thanks for the body God has graced you with. You see He created you, and He never makes mistakes.

I know you feel odd and out of place as the tallest kid in the class, but this too shall pass. I know you wince at all of the comments, wishing they would just keep their comments to themselves. It’s not easy to be the recipient of such open critique. In high school, I don’t know if you’ve thought that far in advance yet, but there will be a day when the boys will be taller. You’ll see.

After your body has given you the gift to play, it will give you the gift to birth three beautiful children. This is also what God created you for. You will see your Creator in the holy experience of childbirth and it will fascinate you. Don’t worry love, you will learn to love your body eventually.

There’s one last moment in time that I would like to give you a glimpse of, a very special time, when your body will fail you but in this time, you will see God do a great miracle. I don’t want to scare you, as this is meant for your encouragement, but there will be a time when the doctors tell you that your kidneys have failed you. Take heart and trust in your Creator because He is a good God and He has the power to heal. The Bible says in Psalms, My health may fail, and my spirit may grow weak, but God remains the strength of my heart; he is mine forever. Allow Him to be your strength, forever.

Let me encourage you, not to only look at the imperfections, but to give thanks now for all of it as a whole because eventually you will see it for the gift that it is.


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