When Impossible becomes Anything

In the last month I’ve had a two day garage sale, selling most of my non essential items, packed up my entire house and moved 350 miles away. If you would have given me a snapshot of the month of May before I entered it, I would have told you, impossible. I would have fervently pleaded my case to say I can’t pack an entire house while my husband is out-of-town. I can’t move away from my beloved friends. I can’t do it. But it happened, and I did it and its history now. Looking back I feel surreal about the process. Like I’m struggling to believe that I accomplished all of that. It’s the mental shift from impossible to anything.

Fast forward to today. I subscribe to (in)courage, a daily dose of encouragement from women who like me, love Jesus and are vulnerable about their struggles. It’s really a privilege to have an eye hole into someone else’s life, to read their most personal posts.

Today’s post was written by Jennie Allen, the author of the book, Anything: The Prayer That Unlocked My God and My Soul. I confess, I have not read the book, by it has been placed on the must read shelf. From today’s post I get a good glimpse of what’s inside:    We can’t control the actual scrapbooks- the ones reflecting the past rather than the future.  But we still long to try.  We long to try to control our lives and to build the picture of the life we want.

And to let go? The idea that we would actually hand it over to God and say- go.  Build it.  Whatever you want with mine…. it is terrifying.

What if God has….

A difficult husband
Moving from the town we love
An apartment instead of a house
Overseas Missions
Financial Hardship

as part of my story? What if He let me suffer?  What if He asked me to sacrifice? What if none of my dreams come true? The very thought of praying anything…. demands everything.  We have to face our fears…

As a daughter of God, I tell myself impossible too often. Looking back on the past month, my impossible became anything. It’s a shift in the heart, an attitude, a new trust in my Creator. A liquid courage found in Jesus; as I posted on Facebook awhile ago,

So long status quo, I think I’ve just let go. You make me want to be brave.                -Nicole Nordeman

Our impossibles can become anythings when we surrender. I plan on reading the book, won’t you join me?


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