Where We Belong [Book In Review]

You will love this tale of two fearless sisters as they travel the world. Their faith in the Lord and their hunger for knowledge and adventure is what drives them to find new Biblical discoveries. I thoroughly enjoyed this book!
Lynn Austin did a wonderful job pairing old history with action packed adventure. She also was brave in her own right because she tackles topics such as prostitution, survival, orphans and adoption while she weaves together 4 characters stories. The book is broken into 5 segments, each one being told from the point of view of a distinct main character so the reader gets a well rounded view of the plot. The first segment was a bit slow and dry for me, but as I pushed through the book, I was unable to put the book down. There is a bit of real life slum and sin so I would caution against younger readers picking up this book.

I was given a free copy in exchange for my review.

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