Word of the Year 2015

Every year, instead of resolutions or goal setting, I focus on finding one word.

Just one. A word of the Year.

It’s a word that I want to guide me through the year. Something I feel the Holy Spirit speaking directly to me, for me, about me. When I come to a decision, or a rocky place, I often go back to my word for the year and contemplate what to do form there. It’s been very helpful for the past 3 years.     201220132014… and this year’s word is…


images-7How many choices in a year do you think a person encounters? How many choices of those, are life altering? I’m 34 years old and I have finally come to the conclusion that my life is the sum of the choices I have made. Marriage problems? I chose the man I married. Health problems? Excluding genetics, I made food and wellness choices that have affected my body up to this point. When I feel overwhelmed in parenting and I wonder how I have 3 kids living under my roof, I remind myself that I chose this. Sex makes babies. I’m a doula, I know this. When I’m stressed out because my calendar feels too full, it’s the reality that I choose what gets added onto that little screen with boxes on it. These things are what represent and make up my life. And they all have a common thread; my choice.

images-6You always have a choice. Stop the pity party and the blame game. Take responsibility for the choices or lack of in your life and recognize the opportunities everyday to make new choices. Today is a new day and it doesn’t have to look like yesterday. The Bible talks about this in several places. But when you look up the word “choice” in the Bible, it is most often referred to as an adjective. The choice meat. The choice offering. The best of the bunch or carefully selected in other words.

Proverbs 21:20 NIV

In the house of the wise are stores of choice food and oil, but a foolish man devours all he has.
images-8In order to take leadership of your life, I believe we have to grasp this concept of making wise choices. There’s always options and curves in the road and it’s hard to know which choice is the right one. My remedy for this is to give my first consideration to Jesus. Just by simply asking Him what He wants is the best first step. His leadership is perfect. His ways are higher than our ways and he’s altogether wise. Jesus? It’s a simple question.
In 2015, may I inquire more of Him and realize that my life is the sum of my choices.

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