Works for Me Wednesday

Would you pick up a twenty dollar bill if it was lying on the ground? How about if someone gave it to you? I would, and that’s why I coupon, it’s free money. If you can replace the image of that $1.00 off coupon with the image of a dollar bill, it would seem more motivating.

I was in the grocery checkout line this morning and I had a large cart full of groceries. Naturally, there was only one cashier and my load was taking a long time to get through. A line was forming and the cashier was getting nervous and frantic trying to go faster but consequently making more mistakes along the way trying to do so. I felt for the guy.

As the last item was being scanned, I handed him my coupons and you could almost hear the silent groans from the people behind me, but I made no apologies. The lady behind me had been on her cell phone the entire time, and just as she ended the call she commented, “oh an extreme couponer.” I ignored her because I honestly couldn’t decipher if she was upset or excited about the situation. Then she said it again, and this time I looked at her and smiled because she was obviously talking TO me.
Then she said, “I wish I could do that.” I wanted to say,

 You Can
but as the cashier was handing me my receipt and the line was growing impatient, I just smiled. I thought about this as I drove home. I had used a total of 8 coupons. That is not extreme couponing by any stretch of the imagination. It takes about 5 minutes to cut out the coupons in the Sunday paper and another ten minutes to read the weekly ads to match up sales with coupons. I wanted to tell her to stop thinking she’s defeated before she even starts.
 8 coupons
15 minutes
 20 dollars saved
 You can do it!

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